Overhead Resistance System

Overhead Resistance System
The Overhead Stabilizing and Resistance System synergistically designed with the Bouncerciser is what sets Bouncercise apart from all other exercise methods. Rebounding by itself is not available to everyone. It seems like it is best suited for people that feel confident enough to bounce in an unsupported manner. It is unlikely that an 84 year old woman with a balance problem would ever go near a rebounder by itself - or a stroke victim with a left-side paralysis could not accomplish 30 minutes of aerobics daily on just a rebounder. Bouncercise makes rebounding available to everyone.

The Overhead Strength Training and Stabilization System consists of a bar that remains stationary in a doorway, from which a second bar is suspended with adjustable straps for the purpose of stabilization and use in various exercises. Also suspended from the stationary bar are three sets of resistance cords with hand grips, in varying degrees of strength.

We placed easy-to-open clamps on the resistance cords to be easily attached to the overhead system or to the Bouncerciser itself. Placing the resistance cord on the Bouncerciser, allows more movements exercising the upper body, and toning additional sets of muscle groups.

OVERHEAD RESISTANCE SYSTEM: Stationary Bar, expands to a 25" to 40" doorway. Cradles are screwed into the doorway that hold the stationary bar. Cradles have three holes for screws and adhesive for more reinforcement and to aid in proper installation.

The Overhead Resistance System Includes the Doorway Mount PLUS:

Freedom Bar: 23" long, steel, cushioned hand grips
Adjustable nylon straps with two buckles on each strap. Expands from 8 in. to 22 in.
Three sets of resistance cords with hand grips: Light, Medium, Heavy - all 25" long, from the clamp to clamp, not including the hand grip
Three rubber-coated rings that hold the Freedom Bar and attachments
Fourth metal ring (uncoated) holds the instruction card
Owners Manual - 24 pages
Hanging Instruction Card, 5" x 10", double-sided

SKU 10800
Weight 9.00 lbs
Price: $124.95

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